Andrea Mason - Instructor, Aerial Artistry - Yoga Jacksonville, Florida

About Andrea

Andrea Mason's journey through the movement spheres of fitness, yoga, and aerial arts weaves a vivid tapestry of dedication, evolution, and self-discovery. For over two decades, she has been deeply entrenched in hatha and vinyasa yoga; establishing a solid personal practice, completing thousands of hours in teacher training and practicum, and even running a small yoga business for several years.

This foundation in embodied practice has given Andrea a keen interest in movement arts education and the confidence to explore other disciplines.

Beginning her training in aerial arts in mid-life, Andrea stands as a testament to the belief that it's never too late to embrace a new passion or challenge. This personal experience has instilled in her a strong conviction that there's no singular path to success and that there's immeasurable value in being a beginner, regardless of one's stage in life.

The colorful and diverse universe of aerial and circus arts expanded her horizons and piqued her curiosity. Having trained with elite aerial coaches in the industry, Andrea continually seeks opportunities to enhance her skills in aerial arts, all while remaining a steadfast yogic practitioner. She considers herself a lifelong learner.

Whether she's on a hammock, trapeze, or her beloved aerial hoop (Lyra), Andrea's mindful movement style is emblematic of her yoga foundations. As an educator, she prioritizes body awareness, intentional movement and alignment. She offers her students a harmonious blend of yogic serenity, aerial tenacity, and the opportunity to find their own unique voice through movement.

Interestingly, this exhilarating aerial chapter follows Andrea's first career in corporate law. The transition from mergers and acquisitions to meat hooks and arabesques might seem vast, but for Andrea, it's been a journey from the conventional to the profoundly rewarding. She now revels in days filled with more purpose and creativity than ever before.

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